Pauwels, your partner in sauces!

Excellent quality and delicious taste

Pauwels makes delicious sauces for everyone!

With your own brand, in your restaurant, overseas, in your salads. Pauwels’ delicious sauces are everywhere!

  • Private label

    Your label on your sauce

  • Export

    Your sauce overseas

  • Co-packing

    Your brand in production

  • Industry

    Sauces in your dishes


  • Quality

    Top-level certificates

  • Extensive range

    Dozens of types of packaging, hundreds of recipes

  • Flexibility

    Easy switching

  • Tailor-made service

    We adapt to your needs

  • Production capacity

    Large quantities at short notice

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Pauwels Sauces is the leading producer of delicious sauces

Extensive range

Pauwels is a highly versatile sauce-producing partner. The range of sauces we produce is very extensive: from mayonnaises, ketchups and all sorts of special sauces, such as samurai, andalouse or tartar, to pasta sauces, wok sauces and various vinaigrettes.

Quality and innovation

All Pauwels sauces meet the highest BRC and IFS quality requirements. The company continuously invests in its staff and in the quality and efficiency in its factories in order to satisfy the highest demands. Each production site has its own R&D and quality control departments, which continuously work on new developments to respond to market trends. We work alongside our customers and proactively propose new developments for sauces and packaging.

International and yet local

Pauwels sauces are appreciated worldwide, and yet we are known for our local approach. Thanks to our offices in London, Paris and Antwerp and collaboration with local traders in Africa and the Middle East, we speak the same language as our customers and know their expectations. In this way, we are always able to propose the tastiest sauces in the right packaging that satisfy local requirements.


We produce a very wide range of sauces, which we fill into a wide range of packaging in various sizes and formats, ranging from from jars, squeeze bottles and tubes to large cans, buckets, tubes, sachets and bags in a variety of sizes.



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