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Pauwels Foodservice Team to participate in the Sirha Lyon exhibition

The largest range of Belgian sauces for the professional user in Foodservice is once again on tour. After a long break imposed by the COVID pandemic, we are back at the first trade fair of the year. Our destination? Sirha Lyon, from 23rd  to 27th of September.


Visitors to our stand 3C73 can get acquainted with the full range of Pauwels. That includes more than 40 cold sauces, various frying fats and oils, vinaigrettes and margarine. This year we will pay extra attention to the introduction of the 4 new products from the range: Mayo Traiteur, Kebab Sauce, the improved Andalouse Chef recipe and the extensive range of deep-frying fats and oils under the renowned FRIBEL brand.

More information about our participation in Sirha Lyon can be found on our Foodservice website (Dutch and French only!).

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Pauwels to be present at Anuga fair in Cologne

From Saturday 9 to Wednesday 13 October, Pauwels will participate in Anuga 2021 in Cologne, the largest food fair in the world.

Discover our Belgian craftsmanship in hall 10

Anuga, short for the Allgemeine Nahrungs- und Genussmittel-Ausstellung,  is the largest and most leading food fair in the world. The unique 10-part exhibition concept of this exhibition immediately reflects the diversity of the food and beverage industry. With Anuga Fine Food, Drinks, Chilled & Fresh Food, Meat, Frozen Food, Dairy, Bread & Bakery, Hot Beverages, Organic & Anuga Culinary Concepts all under one roof, this fair is a huge opportunity for all players in our sector.

Of course, the Belgian craftsmanship of Pauwels should not be left out of such an event. Therefor you can find our sauces in hall 10.2 stand B074. There our commercial team will introduce you to our expertise in both retail, food service, private label and of course the countless possibilities for export.

Export with Pauwels Sauces

With many years of experience in the export of sauces, Pauwels has grown into an excellent partner for the export of your sauces. Not only do we take care of the production, but we also monitor the quality and take care of the necessary documentation.

We can even take over production in a relatively short period of time, for both long and short term contracts. Thanks to our flexible production locations and high capacity lines, we can switch very quickly and produce both large quantities and complex batches at short notice. Our field ranges from mayonnaise and ketchup, to all kinds of specialty sauces, pasta sauces, organic, kosher and halal sauces, vinaigrettes and dressings.

Gova+NR1 assortiment-2

In addition, we have had two of our own export brands for more than 25 years: Gova and Nr. 1. These brands have been part of the portfolio of our overseas partners for decades and are well established in various regions worldwide, thanks to the recognizable taste and structure of this range. Since these export brands were first launched, the recipe has not changed.

Private Label and Pauwels branded solutions

In addition to our expertise in the export of sauces, our commercial team on the stand will also be happy to introduce you to our various references in Private Label and Co-Packing as well as to the full range of sauces under our own Pauwels brand. Concerning the latter, we have a wide range of flavors and packaging available for the professional food service and food industry as well as for the Belgian retail market.

anuga logoVisit Pauwels

Saturday 09 October 2021 – Wednesday 13 October 2021
Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany
Hall 10.2 , Stand B074


250ml tubes met speciaalsaus

New production record for Pauwels in Q1

The production teams at Pauwels Sauces have started the year in sixth gear. In the first week of the new year a new production record was immediately set, while the demand for Pauwels’ cold sauces remains particularly high in the rest of the first quarter.


In the first week of the new year, the production teams at our site in Oelegem significantly sharpened the production record for cold sauces. For example, no less than 75% more was produced in the first week of 2021 compared to the weekly average of 2019 and 2020. An absolute record.

The record also proved to be a precursor to a first quarter with a lot of activity at Pauwels Sauces. The vast majority of the production lines run constantly to meet current demand. Hence the significant increase in the total volume produced after the first 9 weeks of the year. Our site in Oelegem, for example, shows an increase of 18% and 32% respectively compared to the same period in 2020 and 2019.

Thanks to the excellent team spirit, we can immediately benefit from our increased capacity and production speed in this first quarter.

We also see positive figures in our production site in Herent. There, for example, we noted a growth of about 80% on the volume of 250ml squeeze bottles produced during the past three months compared to the same period last year. The demand for the smaller bottles for mayonnaise, ketchup, specialty sauces, burger sauces, snack sauces, vegan sauces, etc. is peaking like never before.


The record figures are first and foremost a great collective achievement by everyone who is part of Pauwels Sauces. However, it is also a positive consequence of some decisions taken in between lockdowns according to Commercial Manager Mark Cardon.

The commitment of our people to positively influence this company really makes the difference.

“In 2020, our management made a conscious decision to allow the planned optimizations and investments in our production sites to take place as usual, despite the impact of the corona epidemic on our activities. This long-term vision and associated investments in, among other things, faster and more efficient cardboard tray packers, wrapping machines, palletisers, storage tanks, etc. have ensured that our capacity and production speed will continue to improve in 2021 ”, says Mark. “Our people, who quickly pick up on the innovations, make it possible that we can immediately reap the benefits of this in the first quarter is. The commitment that they show every day to positively influence this company really makes the difference. ”


In order to be able to make optimal use of this extra capacity, new sales markets were also looked at at a commercial level. As Commercial Manager, Mark likes to keep his finger on the pulse.

We are always interested in the latest trends, while our mayonnaise is also peaking in foreign markets.

“For example, we have responded to the increasing interest from the market in vegan sauces and halal varieties. There is still quite a bit of potential in these markets, and we want to be able to exploit that potential in our production sites. We have also been able to provide a professional answer to the demand from the consumer market for smaller packaging. In addition, we produced more than average quantities of mayonnaise for export to the African continent, ”says Mark. “These factors together ensured that we were allowed to produce extra volumes in addition to our regular volume.”



With summer just around the corner and hopefully a step towards a recaptured social life, it promises to be pretty busy on our production lines in the coming months.

With the summer and a possible reopening of the catering industry in prospect […], we trust that our extra capacity will already be of added value this year.

“As soon as the barbecue season approaches, we are ready to start producing the seasonal in & out’s. Because we will all still be going on holiday in our own back yard this year, consumers will again be looking for summer specialty sauces and barbecue assortments in the supermarket. In addition, a possible reopening of the foodservice industry will also give an extra impulse to our production. At the moment it is still difficult to make an estimate about that, but we trust that the extra capacity in our production sites will be able to add value for our customers this year in any case. ”

La Ch’tite frite

The Best Fryer in France 2020: Ranking features 5 customers in top 7

At the beginning of every year, the French website announces the winner of The Best Fryer in France. This year, La Ch’tite Frite was honored, taking the title to a loyal customer of Pauwels Sauces for the second year in a row. Last year’s winner, La Frite à Dorer, finished in a nice second place, but remains the best chip shop in the region around Lille.


Annually, the website names the Best Fryer / Chip Shop in France. This year, La Ch’tite Frite from Raillencourt-sainte-olle, a loyal customer of Pauwels Sauces at around 50km from the French-Belgian border, has this honor. Owner Philippe Mériaux opened his chip shop less than two years ago, in 2019. Therefore, his first place in the election came completely unexpected for him.

According to an interview that was featured in France 3, Philippe owes his victory to the correct execution of this originally Belgian specialty, down to the last detail. “I come up with new dishes and snacks every month to please our customers, but I consistently fry our fries in beef fat for the delicious taste and crispy crust. Our fries are pre-fried at 140 ° C and baked at 180 ° C, according to the rules of the art. ”

(read more below the video)



Just like last year, the vast majority of participating chip shops was located in the north of France, near the French-Belgian border. Organizer announces that 90% of the 1,312 participating chip shops come from the “Nord et Pas-de-Calais” region. Coincidence or not, but that same region is also the working domain of our representative, William Wanin. With 5 exclusive Pauwels customers in the top 7 of The Best Fryer / Chips Shop in France, the election has been a popular topic of conversation for William in recent weeks:

William Wanin

“The election is becoming increasingly important to my clientele. The best proof of this is the continuous increase in the number of participating chip shops. That figure has even increased by more than 100 new chip shops in 2020. That is quite remarkable in a year dominated by the corona crisis and some hard lockdowns. The fact that the winners of this election continue to receive national media attention naturally benefits the organizers as well as the participants. At Pauwels Sauces we like what is happening: the entrepreneurs who want to start up a real chip shop in France according to the Belgian tradition are becoming more and more numerous and are also finding their way more than ever to the Belgian sauces from Pauwels. Therefore, it does not surprise me that our sauces are strongly represented in the election as well. “

More information about our Foodservice range can be found on the website (only available in French and Dutch).


Pauwels Sauces agrees first sponsordeal in road cycling with Bingoal-WB

As a partner of Pauwels Sauces – Bingoal Cycling Team, Pauwels Sauces has been a well-known sponsor in cyclocross for several years. In 2021, however, we will also take a step into road cycling. This season Pauwels Sauces is one of the new sponsors of Bingoal-WB.

Bingoal-Wallonie Bruxelles (WB) is a Belgian road cycling team active as a pro-continental team in the continental circuits of the UCI. Christophe Brandt, manager of Bingoal-WB, responds very satisfied in a press release: “Pauwels Sauces is a well known brand in the world of cycling. We are therefore very proud to be able to appoint this company as one of the partners of our beautiful project where the emphasis is on development and performance. Pauwels Sauces now supports our +40 athletes, including professional riders, U23 riders and paracyclists, all season long in Belgium and abroad. Welcome! ”

The management of Pauwels Sauces also provides some extra clarification in the same press release:

“In the broad cycling peloton, Pauwels Sauces has been a well-known player as a sponsor for several years, especially in cyclocross. With Pauwels Sauces – Bingoal we represent a significant part of the peloton with numerous victories in the past two seasons. Our new sponsordeal with Bingoal-WB is proof that we are committed to supporting cycling, even in these bizarre times. In fact, we anchor ourselves even more in this beautiful sport by not only providing support in cyclocross, but also on the road. In addition, as a proud manufacturer of real Belgian sauces, we also have a very warm heart to the typical Belgian traditions. Cycling is definitely one of them. The connection we are now making with a Belgian team as Bingoal-WB, where there is a clear focus on Belgian talent, is an excellent match in our opinion. ”

Bingoal-WB Cycling Team is proud to announce its jersey for the 2021 season:

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Two Quality Food Awards for Pauwels Sauces in UK

Early November, two of our sauces won first prize at the annual Quality Food Awards in London. The presentation of the Quality Food Awards is an annual event – which was held digitally this year – at which the food products that have scored best in the UK retail market are chosen.


In the “Condiments” category, the Burger Sauce for Co-Op was voted best seasoning in retail. This burger sauce was prepared in our location in Herent with mustard, white wine vinegar, pieces of onion and pickles. It is known that a good burger sauce almost always contains pickle and pickle juice.

In the category “Vegan Store Cupboard” our GRO Vegan Mayo, also for Co-Op, was awarded. This product was even the ‘stand out winner’, which means that no other brand was allowed on the podium in this category. According to the jury, this mayo was chosen due to, among other things, the beautiful, thick texture of the egg-less mayo and the “pure” ingredients. This mayo was prepared in Herent without dyes and preservatives. According to the jury, this mayo was a perfect vegan alternative to real mayonnaise.

The sustainable packaging was also praised for GRO Vegan Mayo and Burger Sauce, as the 250ml tubes respectively consist of 25% and 30% recycled material.

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Pauwels wishes you happy holidays!

Holidays are coming! Before enjoying the holiday season ourselves, we would like to take this opportunity to thanks ourcustomers, suppliers and other partners for their confidence in Pauwels and for the fruitful cooperation during the past 12 months.


The year 2019 will always be prominent in the collective memory of Pauwels. Firstly, because we were able to celebrate our 110th anniversary this year, a memorable milestone of which we are particularly proud. We therefore end the year with a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who has been part of our rich history in one way or another. We look back on this anniversary with a smile … and with a short video. Care to take a look below?

Furthermore, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020, in which we hope that you can enjoy the largest selection of Belgian sauces on the market even more.


Visit Pauwels at Gulfood Dubai 2020

Gulfood Dubai: 16-20 February 2020

Pauwels will be present at Gulfood 2020 in Dubai from Sunday 16 February 2020 to Thursday 20 February 2020.

Gulfood will be organized for the 25th time in 2020. This international fair has become the most important international trade fair for the food industry in the Middle East. The exhibition welcomes more than 100,000 food & beverage professionals from more than 200 countries during 5 days. During the coming edition, they will all have the opportunity to discover Pauwels’ Belgian sauces.

You can find us at booth ZP24 in hall Za’abeel Plaza.

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Visit Pauwels sauces at ANUGA 2019

Pauwels Sauces will participate in ANUGA 2019. This biennial exhibition is likely to be the largest and most prominent food industry event in the world. You will discover the latest developments and trends, including those from Pauwels sauces.

ANUGA will open its doors on 5 October 2019. During 5 days, around 165,000 enthusiastic visitors from around the world will discover the latest & most innovative products from more than 7,400 exhibitors. Pauwels is one of them this year. Our commercial team therefore invites you to our booth D-083. There they will answer all your questions regarding private label mayonnaise, ketchup, specialty sauces and associated recipes, ingredients, packaging, production capacity, technology and logistics.

Want to discover how Pauwels Sauces can help grow your activities? Visit Pauwels sauces on ANUGA 2019:

  • Where? Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany
  • When? October 5-9, 2019
  • Location? Hall 10.2, Aisle D, Stand 083
Pauwels PLMA 2019

Visit Pauwels at PLMA 2019

As usual, Pauwels Sauces will also be attending PLMA’s World of Private Label in 2019. This annual fair is organized by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 4400 member companies throughout the world. With offices in New York and Amsterdam, PLMA is the largest trade fair in the world for private label products manufacturers and products.

This annual trade show brings retailers around the world together with the best manufacturers, such as Pauwels, and helps them find new products, contacts and new ideas for their private label programs. Moreover, the need for new private label projects has never been greater. The market share of the private brands is at its highest listing ever. The future for private labels is looking bright: retailers are opting for international expansion and with their own marketing playing a more important role in the products they choose and offer.

Want to discover how Pauwels Sauces can help your Private Labels grow? Discover our options on 21 and 22 May at PLMA’s World Of Private Label:

  • Where? RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • When? May 21-22, 2019
  • Stand? F-4251




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