Pauwels PLMA 2019

Visit Pauwels at PLMA 2019

As usual, Pauwels Sauces will also be attending PLMA’s World of Private Label in 2019. This annual fair is organized by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 4400 member companies throughout the world. With offices in New York and Amsterdam, PLMA is the largest trade fair in the world for private label products manufacturers and products.

This annual trade show brings retailers around the world together with the best manufacturers, such as Pauwels, and helps them find new products, contacts and new ideas for their private label programs. Moreover, the need for new private label projects has never been greater. The market share of the private brands is at its highest listing ever. The future for private labels is looking bright: retailers are opting for international expansion and with their own marketing playing a more important role in the products they choose and offer.

Want to discover how Pauwels Sauces can help your Private Labels grow? Discover our options on 21 and 22 May at PLMA’s World Of Private Label:

  • Where? RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • When? May 21-22, 2019
  • Stand? F-4251


Pauwels Mayonaise 110 jaar_corporate artikel

Pauwels celebrates 110th birthday in nostalgic fashion

The year 2019 is a year with a golden edge. Hence, at Pauwels we are celebrating our 110th anniversary this year, a special milestone that we will highlight throughout the year. For this we go back in time to the year 1909, the year in which it all started for Pauwels.

imagescav6503hOver a century of entrepreneurship

The story of Pauwels reads like a fairy tale. It all started with one man: Auguste Pauwels (photo). He started supplying mustard in the year 1909. From his home in Antwerp Borgerhout, Auguste supplied both private customers and grocers, fish shops and butchers with his horse and cart. He always had his typical barrel of mustard with a wooden spoon with him. When the demand for his products increased, Auguste took the initiative to mix his mustard with fresh egg yolks, which also meant the rise of the first Pauwels Mayonaise.

More than 100 years after its first delivery round, the same one-man company has grown into one of the largest sauces producers in Europe. The book ‘Centuries of Entrepreneurship’ of the expertise center for Technical, Scientific and Industrial Heritage ETWIE expresses it well:

“Companies that blow out one hundred candles or more are special. Often started as a one-man business or a small business, they have grown and braved a number of major social and economic challenges. They were forced to adapt to changing circumstances, or they provided fresh air in their sector with innovations. “

Nostalgia in taste and image

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, this year Pauwels is paying tribute to its rich history. And how can we do that better than with the product that meant the real breakthrough for founder Auguste Pauwels?

Pauwels Mayonaise 110 jaarIn this jubilee year, Pauwels will therefore go on a nostalgic tour whereas an exclusive and old-fashioned Mayonnaise will be launched in foodservice industry. This mayonnaise gets the appropriate name ‘Mayonnaise 110‘ and is prepared according to an old-traditional Belgian recipe: no dyes or preservatives, with free-range eggs and with a high content of rapeseed oil (81%) and egg yolks (7.5%). In other words: a traditional mayonnaise from the past.

In order to bring the users back to ‘the time of the past’, the Mayonnaise 110 also has a remarkable packaging. The very first logo of Pauwels stands out in all its simplicity on the 10 liter bucket. On February 15, 1917, Auguste Pauwels deposited his brand for the first time on the basis of a beautifully stylized peacock. He therefore referred to the surname of his wife, Henriette De Pauw. With this vintage packaging, the trip down memory lane is complete.


With the Mayonnaise 110, Pauwels will be travelling the entire country this year, starting with the largest B2B trade fair in French-speaking Belgium for professionals in foodservice: Horecatel.

“From Sunday 10 to Wednesday 13 March, our Mayonnaise 110 will be available for the first time at our booth 2C12”, says Sales Manager Foodservice Joeri Vandermeeren. “In the rest of the year we will also organize numerous actions in every corner of the country. For example, the product will be highlighted on every regional, national or international fair where Pauwels is present. After the introduction at Horecatel, the wholesalers can also start ordering the product, after which entrepreneurs can find the product at the better wholesale in Belgium and northern France, like they usually do. “

Fairs 2019_featured

The fairs where you can find us in 2019

At Pauwels, we wish you all a splendid 2019, a year in which you can hopefully enjoy good health, good business and delicious sauces! In case you would like to discuss business opportunities with our commercial team, you will be happy to have a closer look at the below overview of fairs we will be participating in during 2019. 

sirha logoSirha

26 – 30 January 2019
Eurexpo, Lyon, France

horecabeurs bredene

Horeca Bredene

25 – 28 February 2019
Meeting- and Event Centre Staf Versluys, Bredene, Belgium

horecatel 2019 logoHorecatel

10 – 13 March 2019
WEX, Marche-En-Famenne, Belgium

plma 2019 logoPLMA’s World of Private Label

21 – 22 May 2019
RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands



anuga logo


5 – 9 October 2019
Kölnmesse, Cologne, Germany



Logo PNGHoreca Expo

17 – 21 November 2019
Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium

pauwels sauzen_feestelijke sauzen_featured image

Pauwels wishes you happy holidays!

We would like to thank all our customers for their confidence in Pauwels Sauces during 2018. We are eager to continue the positive collaborations in the new year. For now, we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019!  

Pauwels Sauzen kiest voor FSC

Pauwels chooses FSC certified wood and paper

Paper, cardboard and all other printed matters have become essential in today’s business environment. At Pauwels, that is no different as all of our produced goods need packaging and labeling. However, global concern about deforestation is increasing rapidly year after year. Therefore, Pauwels will be moving towards the use of materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In this article, packaging expert Hannes De Winter explains the matter.

Responsibly managed forests

“Even though all the details are not yet determined, Pauwels will be moving towards FSC-certified materials in 2019″, says Hannes. “The FSC-label guarantees an environmentally responsible origin of materials derived from responsibly managed forests. By doing so, we will be contributing to a sustainable management of forests and biodiversity on a global scale.”

“ In 2019, all labels and cardboard boxes will be derived from responsibly managed forests.”

“The use of FSC-certified materials is however not new for us. For some of our customers, we’ve already been producing in accordance with the FSC-guidelines.  Having said that, we will be following the same course in all of our product lines in 2019. That way, we will be ensuring that every label and every cardboard box or tray used for our core business is manufactured in a environmentally friendly manner. ”

FSC put into practice

As the packaging industry faces a worldwide demand for paper and board, and because the number of times paper can be recycled is limited, wood is constantly needed as a source for the production of packaging. This makes sustainable management of forests an essential requirement. FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers, all while ensuring it sustains economically viablility.

Put into practice, FSC means:

  • Forests with a high natural and cultural value are protected and managed accordingly.
  • After chopping the woods, the forests are given the chance to recover. Preferably by nature and if necessary by cultivation.
  • The woods chopped fit whatever the grow allows.
  • Functions of the forest in terms of local water management and soil protection are maintained, for example by not chopping wood at a watercourse of on steep hills.
  • The rights of indigenous community members are respected at all times.
  • Forest workers enjoy good conditions with regards to working hours, wages, safety and training.
  • Forest management provides opportunities for local communities in terms of employment and local development.
pauwels sauzen productie

Pauwels scores AA+ on latest BRC-IFS audit

At Pauwels, we strive for the best quality throughout the whole chain of products and services, from purchasing raw materials to delivering the end product at our customer’s doorstep. In orde to ensure the highest quality, our procedures are regurarly examined in terms of an audit. The latest audit by BRC-IFS took place in november and resulted in a maximum score of AA+. 

The auditor concluded its assessment with the following statements:

• High engagement throughout the entire organisation with a firm understanding of the working procedures with every department.
• Good communication internally as well as externally.
• A very well maintained production facility and a bright storage area.
• A well-established system of training and development.
• An allround professional performance of production management, despite many construction projects taking place.

Pauwels Sauzen_500ML Featured Image

Pauwels introduce new 500ml packaging for foodservice

The needs and desires of our customers in foodservice change rapidly. Therefore, we often think about new ways to create added value for these customers by anticipating on these new demands. For our latest innovation in our foodservice portfolio, we will launch a new and smaller packaging type. 

Previously, the sauces for our customers in foodservice have been available in packaging sizes of 1 litre, 3 litre, 5 litre, 7,5 litre and 10 litre. We now extend this range by adding tubes of 500ml.  This new product line will  be launched top-down, by analogy with the 1 litre tubes, and will be available for 11 flavors:  AndalouseAndalouse ChefBrazilKetchupGarlic SauceMayonnaiseMustardSamuraiTartare de LuxeToscany Sauce and Truffel Mayonnaise. For all these flavors, 500ml consequently will be the smallest packaging saize available.

500ml samuraiWith the launch of these tubes,  our customers in foodservice have a great alternative for our well-known 1 litre tubes. The 500ml is the ideal size for entrepreneurs in foodservice who’d like to serve a small  selection of sauces at the table of their customers. In addition, the new tubes are also perfect in case the entrepreneurs have a rather limited consumption of a certain flavour.

For more information on this topic, please visit our website for professionals in foodservice


Visit Pauwels at Horeca Expo 2018

Pauwels will be exhibiting at the biggest Flemish exhibition for professionals in foodservice from Sunday 18 until Thursday 22 of november: Horeca Expo 2018. Our commercial team will be ready to welcome you on our stand 7223 in hall 7 of Flanders Expo in Ghent.  

At Horeca Expo, we always have something new to present. This year, that is no different. We’ll however keep the details hidden until the fair opens, but we can already give a slight hint of what is coming.

  • Some of our sauces will soon be available in a new type of packaging
  • You can directly give your feedback on one of our latest new flavours in our portfolio
  • You can taste a new recipe for two existing flavors
  • You can discover a rather smart addition to our pallet
  • You can attend the introduction of brand new and heart-warming sauce
  • You can interactively discover our new website for professionals in foodservice:

In case you’re still doubting whether you should be visiting Pauwels at Horeca Expo: there’s plenty to discover during this years’ edition!


Visit Pauwels at SIAL Paris 2018

Paris, the global capital of our beloved food industry. Even more so in the upcoming week, as the city invites the entire food industry at the biggest food exhibition for trends and innovation: SIAL Paris 2018

At Pauwels, we traditionally take part in this exhibition which takes place at the Paris Nord Villepinte. This year you can visit our stand 5b-166 where our colleagues Christophe, Alban, David, Joeri and William are pleased to talk to you about delicious sauces and et vinaigrettes!



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