International A brands give Pauwels the trust to produce their brand


For decades, Pauwels has been
the co-packing partner of various A brands

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All Pauwels sauces meet the highest quality standards

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Our different production lines can handle various types of packaging

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Co-packing partner for A brands

Pauwels provides temporary and structural solutions for local and international brands

When brands have no output or are short of capacity, or even when the quantities are too small for large production lines, Pauwels can provide temporary or structural capacity for big and small runs. Production through Pauwels is often a cheaper option as we already run various sizes and do not need to specially adapt production lines, and can make provisions for unique packaging items.

Pauwels can fill the desired packaging exclusively for you or set up an additional line if necessary, dependent on the customer’s needs.

Pauwels can satisfy your requirements for everything so that you need not worry about quality or security of supply, as well as operating in accordance with your guidelines and control systems. As a co-packer for A brands, Pauwels is familiar with strict requirements and knows what is important for you. Recipes, ingredients, packaging and even the production process, can all be adapted to the customer’s preference. Products for internationals are produced at various sites without any deviation in taste. Planning, logistics and operational reliability are essential to ensure the required security of supply, which is one of Pauwels’ strong points.

Pauwels has decades of experience in co-packing with a wide range of products, brands and customers. Our prices are highly competitive thanks to the large quantities we produce and the extensive variety in recipes and packaging. It enables you to easily extend your range without major investment.



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