All Pauwels sauces meet the highest quality standards

All sauces produced by Pauwels meet the highest BRC and IFS quality standards. Consequently, Pauwels holds the Higher Level Certificate which is the highest grade of the standard. Each Pauwels production site has its own R&D and quality control departments. By ensuring continuous development and carrying out local tests, we know what consumers want and we respond to trends and developments. We are on our customers’ wavelength and are aware of their demands as regards taste, availability, packaging and quality.


The highest quality standards

We strive for optimum quality throughout the entire chain, from purchasing of raw materials to the production process and delivering our end products to the customer.

Raw materials and packaging are purchased only from suppliers who satisfy pre-determined selection criteria taking account of quality requirements, legislation and food safety rules.

Our sauces are prepared by enthusiastic operators with the necessary professional know-how. Quality is continually monitored on the basis of due and proper parameters by quality-conscious lab technicians. Monitoring samples are kept of all batches, enabling us to check the quality of the product at any time. Of course, our checks are not limited to the sauces we produce but also include checks on the environment, the machines and equipment used, the efficacy of cleaning operations, etc. Within our company, there is well developed interaction between the various departments which allows us to respond swiftly to any situation that arises.


Pauwels produces in accordance with quality and food safety standards

IFS stands for International Food Standard. IFS has been developed to enhance customer satisfaction and increase the reliability and safety of food products. The standard comprises food safety requirements which we have to meet. HACCP also forms part of IFS and Pauwels holds the Higher Level Certificate, which is the highest grade of the standard.

BRC is the worldwide standard for food safety. The aim of the BRC Global Standard is to lay down specific criteria regarding the safety, quality and procedures to be adhered to by producers and manufacturers supplying food products to British retail organisations. Pauwels has the AA+ certificate, in which AA stands for the top grade and + for unannounced.

AC stands for AutoControl which is the whole range of measures that are taken by operators to ensure that the products in all stages of the process comply with the statutory requirements concerning quality, food safety, traceability and supervision of effective compliance. Pauwels has received AC approval from a recognised auditor of the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

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