The manufacturer of all your brand sauces

Pauwels has for decades been the co-packing partner of various A brands

The manufacturer of all your brand sauces

Pauwels has for decades been the ideal co-packing partner of various A brands. We produce a wide range of sauces for them, ranging from mayonnaise and ketchup to all kinds of special sauces. Every sauce is packaged in the desired material and quantity, from retail packaging to containers.


Only the packaging or also the sauce?

We can respond to all your wishes concerning packaging, recipes, ingredients and production requirements, there are many opportunities to jointly develop flavours. If required, we can treat your recipes as confidential. Our R&D department has often given the impetus for developing A brand recipes. Today, our range comprises many different types of packaging but this should not stop you from discussing your specific wishes with us – we welcome the challenge to develop the ideal packaging for you, if necessary.


Types of sauces

Pauwels produces and packs various types of brand sauces for A brands including mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce, cocktail sauce, lumpia sauce, mustard, pepper sauce and tartar sauce.

In this process, we take careful account of your quality demands, your recipe and your packaging. We always guarantee production capacity, even in high season. Thanks to our permanent care to ensure efficient production processes, we can offer you optimum quality at competitive prices.

For more information about co-packing options, please contact us. We can discuss the different possibilities tailor-made to your needs.



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