Pauwels A brand sauces for export

Gova and No.1, highly popular overseas

Pauwels export brands

For more than 25 years, Pauwels own sauce brands Gova and No.1 have been fixed assets in the range of our overseas partners, and have become well established due to the recognisable taste and structure of the products. Since the export brands were launched, the recipe has not been altered and the quality has thus remained constant. In 2016, a new variety of spicy mayonnaise was introduced under the Gova brand due to demand in the market recognised through continued development by Pauwels.

Thanks to years of collaboration with various traders, Pauwels is familiar with local markets and knows what is important for different customers with regard to local taste, logistics, legislation and requisite documents. We also have necessary experience concerning shelf life under different climate conditions to offer an overseas brand.


We know local tastes and requirements

Every week, containers with sauces are shipped to Africa and the Middle East, upon arrival they are distributed via  local suppliers. Pauwels knows that listening to the needs of local consumers is key and after many years of collaboration with traders, we perfectly meet the demands and expectations of local markets. Whilst working with various traders across numerous countries, Pauwels has  acquired extensive knowledge of various cultures, countries, tastes and loading and transport requirements.



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