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Your brand overseas

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What can Pauwels offer you?

  • excellent quality sauces for the right price
  • more than 25 years’ experience in exporting to various countries
  • know-how in development
  • excellent service and logistics

Through many years of experience in the export of sauces to various regions, Pauwels has become the partner of choice for the export of sauces.

Not only do we take charge of production, but also monitor the quality of the product, and deal with all transport documentation to ensure all your products are loaded on the ship in time for departure. After years of experience, Pauwels are confident you can entrust your product to us and rest assured that we will take care of things properly.

If required, Pauwels can take over production at relatively short notice (your own production or via a third party), either for long or short term contracts. Due to our expert knowledge, we guarantee to produce exactly the same sauces that you and your customers are accustomed.

Pauwels are able to switch very swiftly and produce large quantities at short notice, due to our flexibility and large capacity capabilities. In no time at all, our logistics department will have the right documents necessary to import food products, and will ensure optimum satisfaction among end customers who will receive the goods in perfect condition.



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