The right partner for producing all your sauces for the export market.

Production of export brands

Pauwels is the right partner for producing all your sauces for the export market, with a guarantee in excellent quality, optimum service and smooth supply from manufacture to delivery to your customer. Production is always geared to the order so that the exact required quantity is made.

The export department will take a great deal of the work needed off your hands and, thanks to the large production capacity, we are able to deliver large quantities very quickly. The logistics department knows exactly how to stack containers and, due to our experience in loading containers, this is carried out very smoothly, to the end customers’ complete satisfaction.


Why choose Pauwels?

  • Know-how in export production
  • Over 25 years’ experience with traders and the local market
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Efficient service and prompt delivery

Working with you, Pauwels will discuss possibilities and produce a recipe tailored to your needs. The R&D department has over 20 years’ experience in developing sauces and has extensive knowledge of local tastes and expectations, so can work jointly with you to develop a private label sauce. As well as the recipe, Pauwels also provides support in choosing packaging and arranging transport for all clients and can manage the entire logistics process for you.

Pauwels is your experienced and reliable partner for the export production of sauces.



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