Pauwels supplies the best sauces for the food industry


Pauwels supplies the best sauces for the food industry

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All Pauwels sauces meet the highest quality standards

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Transport and packaging

Pauwels can present sauces in tank trucks, containers, buckets and portion packs

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Pauwels runs special lines for measured filling in containers, buckets or tank trucks

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Our sauce, your ingredients

As a sauce producer, Pauwels also manufactures products to be processed into other dishes such as salads (potato salad, scampi salad, crab salad, etc.), packed sandwiches and pre-packed meals, mainly for customers such as caterers, meal producers and other food processing firms. In such cases, our sauces are a component in the finished product. Together with the customer, we strive for the best end result in terms of recipe and packaging.



Pauwels always offers the best quality sauces, for small and very large quantities alike. We are also flexible with regard to filling, transport and packaging. The sauces are supplied in accordance with your wishes: it is possible to supply sauces in containers of up to 1000kg and even in tank trucks, but also in buckets or small portion packs.


 What Pauwels has to offer

Pauwels is the ideal sauce producer for the food industry. We can offer the following:

  • guaranteed product quality
  • flexibility and supply at very short notice
  • supply of sauces in containers that link up with your production system
  • very good price/quality ratio
  • possibility of making up tailor-made recipes
  • logistical support of container transport
  • huge production capacity

If you want to find out how sauce producer Pauwels can help your business, please contact contact us for a discussion of the food industry options.



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