Your producer of industrial sauces

Pauwels has special production lines to accurately put sauces
in containers, buckets or tank trucks

The recipe

Whether you are an industrial baker, a caterer, a sandwich maker or other food processing firm, Pauwels can offer you the right recipe in the right packaging. As a producer of industrial sauces, we supply not only traditional sauces, but also contribute our expertise when you wish to develop your own flavour or application. Pauwels has a great deal of experience in developing tailor-made solutions, thanks to its efficient production system. We guarantee that you will get the flavour you want at constant quality and in the right packaging.



Pauwels has many years’ experience in producing sauces for the food industry and has gained considerable know-how in various applications. We have an experienced R&D department which is continuously engaged in developing and improving our sauces. Moreover, we have adapted our production lines to be able to also supply sauces in a variety of containers or tank trucks. This enables us to switch swiftly and we are highly flexible, to the benefit of our customers.


Tailor-made packaging

Pauwels supplies your sauces in bulk but also in portion packs. You can opt for 10 litre buckets, 1000kg containers, or 30 MT tank trucks. As proof of our extreme flexibility, we can, if necessary, deliver within a week.



If you are looking for a high-quality producer of industrial sauces that is very flexible and able to produce at short notice, please contact us to look at the options together. What we guarantee is a solution tailor-made to your needs and prompt delivery of your order.




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