Investment in dedicated training courses

13 November 2016 /

In collaboration with an external training centre, the “My responsibility as line manager” course was established in order to strengthen management on the work floor. The aim of the course is to enhance the leadership skills of line managers to ensure smoother cooperation at the Herent and Oelegem plants. We intend to permanently invest in our staff and provide training in appropriate skills.


Testimonial of  Erik Laenen, line manager at Pauwels since 1991

On the work floor, we face challenges every day. As the person in charge, you have to keep your cool and tackle the issues with your team as quickly as possible. You must remain in control and provide proper guidance to the team. The Enhancing Leadership course has given me useful tips to better deal with these situations and show how to guide your team in a controlled manner.

More than before, I talk things over with my people and engage more in consultation. Putting into practice what I have learnt is an everyday exercise.

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