New range of packaging for the catering sector

9 January 2017 /

The new year brings new ideas. Pauwels is giving its whole range of sauces packaging for the catering sector a makeover, which shows that we are continually investing to put sauces of the highest quality on the market, presented in the most attractive packaging. We are convinced that our efforts will bear fruit and also lead to higher sales for our customers.

From 1 January 2017, Pauwels packaging for the catering sector has a new design, making the products even more appealing. Experience has shown that this will lead to higher sales. In addition, we have developed a number of new flavours, including spicy Harissa and deliciously sweet Hawaii, and Ketchup Chef is now also available in 10 litre packaging. The design and individual ingredients have been adapted without affecting the taste and “character” of Pauwels sauces. Considerable effort has been made to avoid the use of allergens, except where this was considered necessary to safeguard the flavour and character of the sauces. We also now use rapeseed oil and free range eggs in all our recipes.

Click on the image below to get a taster of our new packaging.

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