Pauwels celebrates 110th birthday in nostalgic fashion

11 March 2019 /
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The year 2019 is a year with a golden edge. Hence, at Pauwels we are celebrating our 110th anniversary this year, a special milestone that we will highlight throughout the year. For this we go back in time to the year 1909, the year in which it all started for Pauwels.

imagescav6503hOver a century of entrepreneurship

The story of Pauwels reads like a fairy tale. It all started with one man: Auguste Pauwels (photo). He started supplying mustard in the year 1909. From his home in Antwerp Borgerhout, Auguste supplied both private customers and grocers, fish shops and butchers with his horse and cart. He always had his typical barrel of mustard with a wooden spoon with him. When the demand for his products increased, Auguste took the initiative to mix his mustard with fresh egg yolks, which also meant the rise of the first Pauwels Mayonaise.

More than 100 years after its first delivery round, the same one-man company has grown into one of the largest sauces producers in Europe. The book ‘Centuries of Entrepreneurship’ of the expertise center for Technical, Scientific and Industrial Heritage ETWIE expresses it well:

“Companies that blow out one hundred candles or more are special. Often started as a one-man business or a small business, they have grown and braved a number of major social and economic challenges. They were forced to adapt to changing circumstances, or they provided fresh air in their sector with innovations. “

Nostalgia in taste and image

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, this year Pauwels is paying tribute to its rich history. And how can we do that better than with the product that meant the real breakthrough for founder Auguste Pauwels?

Pauwels Mayonaise 110 jaarIn this jubilee year, Pauwels will therefore go on a nostalgic tour whereas an exclusive and old-fashioned Mayonnaise will be launched in foodservice industry. This mayonnaise gets the appropriate name ‘Mayonnaise 110‘ and is prepared according to an old-traditional Belgian recipe: no dyes or preservatives, with free-range eggs and with a high content of rapeseed oil (81%) and egg yolks (7.5%). In other words: a traditional mayonnaise from the past.

In order to bring the users back to ‘the time of the past’, the Mayonnaise 110 also has a remarkable packaging. The very first logo of Pauwels stands out in all its simplicity on the 10 liter bucket. On February 15, 1917, Auguste Pauwels deposited his brand for the first time on the basis of a beautifully stylized peacock. He therefore referred to the surname of his wife, Henriette De Pauw. With this vintage packaging, the trip down memory lane is complete.


With the Mayonnaise 110, Pauwels will be travelling the entire country this year, starting with the largest B2B trade fair in French-speaking Belgium for professionals in foodservice: Horecatel.

“From Sunday 10 to Wednesday 13 March, our Mayonnaise 110 will be available for the first time at our booth 2C12”, says Sales Manager Foodservice Joeri Vandermeeren. “In the rest of the year we will also organize numerous actions in every corner of the country. For example, the product will be highlighted on every regional, national or international fair where Pauwels is present. After the introduction at Horecatel, the wholesalers can also start ordering the product, after which entrepreneurs can find the product at the better wholesale in Belgium and northern France, like they usually do. “

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