Various types of packaging

for all your sauces

The appropriate packaging

Squeeze bottles, glass jars, buckets, etc.

Sauces are essential but the role played by private label packaging is often underestimated. Packaging has to meet many functional requirements, initially protecting the high quality sauces, but it also needs to show customers the contents and ingredients clearly. However, packaging has the potential to be so much more, and this is where Pauwels goes above and beyond to ensure we offer packaging options that are innovative and promote the customer brand in a competitive market.

An overview of our packaging:

Customised solutions

Pauwels produces large and small quantities of sauces on various production lines. Various types of packaging can be made on several lines, which eliminates the need for excessive restructuring and cleaning, ensuring high efficiency with competitive price/quality ratios – win-win for our customers!

Pauwels looks for the best combination of product, packaging, design, cap and label from our extensive range of packaging options. The in-house technologist will look for customised solutions with you in order to meet your requirements.

Various packaging possibilities are on offer for each sauce and any tray can be adapted to the specific wishes of customers in different countries. Sometimes these wishes are based on cultural or strategic considerations, and Pauwels will work alongside the customer to come up with an answer to these requirements.



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